These days, Israeli Folk Dancing (IFD) is a world-wide movement. Every major city in the wold will have at least one dance session. In my personal travels I’ve danced in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and many others. In Israel, there are many sessions every night of the week – pick your choice – for singles, young people, middle age people, in small communities, and in the main cities you can find yourself dancing in seven or nine nested circles together with another 1,000 people – all in the same dance court.

This is an amazing experience that is recommended to every dancer.

If you are traveling and would like to know about dance sessions near you, use the website which reports on all dance classes in the world: This is a worldwide database of the Israeli folk dance repertoire, including information about the singer, lyricist and composer of the song.

LINKS TO OTHER DANCE-RELATED WEBSITES – International folk dance classes and events in the San Francisco Bay Area. – an interactive map showing where to do international folk dancing in the San Francisco Bay area.’s Dance! magazine, Northern California magazine about international folk dance. – Links to websites around the country that offer information about international folk dance. – If you’re interested in the words to the songs you’re listening to, or want to know who the singer is or or the composer or the lyricist


Dozens of articles about dancing that Loui Tucker had written over 30 years that have appeared in various dance-related magazines and newsletters.

WARNING: If you’re coming to California from another country, or another part of the U.S., be aware that California is a BIG state. If it were laid out east-west instead of north-south, it would be wider than two time zones. If you don’t want to check a map, at least check the ZIP CODE of the place where you’ll be staying. The S.F. Bay Area zip codes start with 94000 and continue into the low 951’s. Zip codes 95200 and higher are over an hour away. If the zip code starts with 90, 91, 92 or 93, or is higher than 95300 – forget it! You won’t be carpooling to dancing.