Saturday class carry long legacy. Over 45 years ago.

For 50 years, Ruth Browns Gundelfinger has inspired an ardent legion of Israeli folk dance students and followers throughout the Bay Area — so it was no surprise when more than 100 people celebrated with her in April when she turned 80.

Saturday classes are large parties with many dancers from all ages and spectrum. We dance dances from 1918 and from 2018 back to back. We dance in a wonderful dance hall with great wooden floor which is springy and quick to bounce.

The first part of the evening – 30-45 minutes starts with slow and beginners dances, oldies, and dances which we learn in Tuesday class. Later we increase the intensity, up the beat and the pace and the evening is fully charged with great energy and fun.

We have the tradition of celebrating that month’s birthdays with a special treat and special birthday song which we always sing at the land and on Saturday parties.