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Udy Gold facilitates/participates/helps to lead three dance events in the San Francisco Bay Area: he teaches Tuesday evening weekly classes, hosts a monthly Saturday Cafe Shalom dance party, and helps DJ at Memorial & Labor Day Land Dancers Folk Dance weekends in the La Honda area. Each event has its own unique style which caters to its individual participants.


Ori Gold

Ori has been helping his father teach dance classes for most of his life. When he’s not dancing, he’s dreaming of dancing, and hopes to one day be able to dance his way to a better world. (One in which he can play Zelda games and be left alone). Ori is a piano wizard and can literally compose songs out of thin air. Really! The notes just float around and land on a page (he is a wizard after all). Besides a magical musical talent, Ori can also tear down the biggest douchebags with his judgement eyes. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t judge you while you’re dancing!


Ehud (Udy) Gold

Udy has been teaching for several years now at Cafe Shalom, having grown up in Israel and dancing most of his life. He enjoys tons of onions and garlic, usually raw, and on everything. When Udy isn’t teaching, he’s busy being the VP of clouds, sailing, or teaching cats to fly (sometimes all at once!) He can sure tell you stories about being the VP of flying cats in the clouds, but don’t ask while he’s dancing, he’ll only get distracted. Don’t let his height fool you! This guy is one smooth talker, incredibly light on his feet, and just a big ol’ softy!